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Where the idea came from

It all started in Mexico, where we embarked on a journey that unknowingly would lead us to the creation of our unique Popsicle store set on Castle Street, Cork City today. With soaring temperatures slowing us down, we came across a small paleta stall selling the common favourites of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavoured popsicles.


The refreshing taste was inspirational and we thought to ourselves, ‘ why doesn’t anywhere sell these back at home?’ There it was ,the lightbulb! While walking around we started running ideas, coming up with unique flavour possibilities, some made the cut, some didn’t, and on returning home, set up a makeshift ‘poplab’ to turn our ideas into delicious products for testing.


After gaining positive feedback on our wide variety of flavoursome creations, and some extra work behind the scenes, we decided to share our creation with the city. With the addition of coffee, hot-pops, waffles, shakes and sundaes, Popsicle was born!

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